Pow·er·less, adjective : without ability, influence, or power. Ineffectual, inadequate, ineffective, vulnerable. 

“Powerless” is a word used to describe a noun or to name an attribute. It is not a feeling. Powerlessness is often associated with feeling vulnerable, scared, desperation, and even anger. 

What does it look like? 


Self-medicating, soothing, or distracting

Temporary relief or distraction


Shame, guilt, leading back to pain or low self-esteem

Usually in that order. It’s cyclical. 

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Chances are that even if the cycle is causing us pain we will continue to do it. We value the cycle. It’s comfortable - the devil we know vs. the devil we don’t. We give the cycle power. We play out the “what ifs”. 

Are you ready to admit you are powerless over the cycle that is keeping you sick, stuck, dwelling, and from moving forward with your life? Or, are you balking at the word, POWERLESS? 


What if, instead of getting stuck on the word “POWERLESS”, we focused on how much more effective, efficient, and POWERFUL we are when we ask for help. Have you ever had a mentor, sponsor, spiritual leader, boss, leader, commander, client that had some knowledge or wisdom you needed - and they freely gave it with a simple ask? Have you ever had to work together with your spouse, friend, neighbor, or coworker to solve a problem or present a project? “Divide and Conquer”...right? We cannot control every aspect of our lives but we can ask for help when it becomes too much, when we are overwhelmed. There is power in the ask and there is power in the bond - the whole is bigger than the one. 


We are more effective with our energy when we focus on what is right in front of us, when we say “I can accomplish _______ in the next 24-hours”. That statement packs a punch- even in as a hypothetical. There is finality and confidence in a statement like that. We only have today. Make the most of it. 

Find an affirmation that burns this concept into your brain. I personally like a quote from Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter series). He says something to the effect of, “What’s commin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.” This statement serves as a reminder that I am POWERLESS over what will come in the next 24-hours but that I am fully WILLING to meet whatever does- and THAT is my power. 

Sometimes meeting what comes in a day means I have to ask for help. Sometimes I have to walk the path alone. Either way, I can actively choose my perception. I can be a victim or a volunteer in my life - simply by acknowledging my POWERLESSNESS. 


Eastern wisdom says: Today is all I have. Desperately clutching to the past, much like sand in a fist - leads to leakage and an unhelpful outcome. Furiously planning and over-protecting in anticipation for the future leaves little room to breathe, and the sand is forgotten, lost in the chaos of scrambling to anticipate all possible outcomes. But holding space for the sand in a cupped hand acknowledges the lack of control over the weather and elements. It allows us the ability to make changes as we need- to use our other hand as a protective barrier or to carry part of the load. This is what asking for help does for us. Provides support and guidance as we need it. 

What are you powerless over? Where do you need more support or guidance? Are you confident in your ability to say “Just for today I can/I will ___________.”?