How To FINALLY Achieve Your Goals!

Do you ever think you missed the memo? Or do you  wonder how it is that someone else’s life can be so similar, yet so different? Do you envy your peers who seem to get everything they want? Do you find yourself setting the same goal(s) year after year with little or no positive result? 

It’s so common. 

Somewhere I read that Americans spend something close to $60 a month on gym memberships and almost 70% of those Americans don’t go. 

But this isn’t about exercise or weight loss (well, it is if those are some of your goals!) - it’s about finally accomplishing what you set out to do! 

Execution. Simple, NOT EASY. That’s how this process goes. You can clearly see where you want to be. You are unsure of the steps it takes to get there and when you start to think about the work, it becomes overwhelming! You freeze before you begin. You tell yourself you have failed. You return to the status quo. 

Defining powerful goals and breaking them down into SMART goals, organizing “the project”, and directly addressing roadblocks to your vision are just some of the tools I have to get you the life you dream of. But none of that will get you where you want to be. Only YOU can do that. 

Here are my tips for getting started on making your dream(s) come true. No fairy godmother needed!

A quick start guide to achieving short-term goals:

  1. Document the specific outcome you are looking for (i.e. save $1000 dollars in 6 months). 

  2. Create a ritual or set of habits that are directly related to meeting the goal (i.e. all pocket change goes into the piggy bank at the end of the day, make coffee at home-put saved money into piggy bank).

  3. Read your goals daily (see #1- DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT) and let yourself imagine what your life will look like when it is accomplished. How will it be different? Tell another person and use self-talk to remind yourself daily of your goals. 

  4. Document. Create a running tally (i.e. of money saved, pounds lost, times you followed through with creating a new habit) or journal what you are noticing as the process goes on. 

  5. Visualize your success each night before going to sleep. See yourself taking the next steps that will lead to your accomplished goals. 

There are an abundance of journals, habit trackers, apps, coaches, behavioral specialists, and therapists that can all help (in their own way) to get you to where you want to be. It doesn’t matter what step you take next. Just take a step. MOVE. Stop allowing the overwhelm to paralyze you into normalcy, once again getting on the merry-go-round of failing to meet your goals.  

Comment below to share your ideas, tips, and tricks with others for tried and true ways you have used to accomplish goals. Let’s continue to build the community!

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