The Power of Morning Routine

ROUTINE: A sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program performed as regular procedure rather than for a special reason. Some people might define routine as “boring”, “being in a rut”, “ordinary”, or “unexceptional”. 

Whatever the description, what can’t be poo-pooed away is the strong and steady power of having routine. 

Routine can be an anchor when our world is spiraling out of control. Having a routine reduces stress by taking the guesswork out of our day and allows us to remain goal oriented. Routines organize our lives by prioritizing needs, goals, wishes, and wants. When we build blocks of time into our schedule, we can address basic self-care needs such as sleep, personal hygiene, diet, exercise, and rest/relaxation/fun - we are generally MORE productive. 

Structure frees mental energy so you can laser-focus on what you value most! 

I find that routine keeps me grounded in reality. Having a young family with lots of goings-ons, growing my business, and being an active participant in my marriage means being pulled in many directions. When I have a plan, a routine - I have a guideline. Is it always perfect? NO. But it works for me - which is why I have maintained it for years. During the work week my alarm goes off at 4:00am. I feed the dogs, shower, dress, make coffee, do the dishes, and get out the door to be at the office at least 60 minutes before the first client. Why? Preparation. Intentions. Solitude with my thoughts. Energy cultivation. 

When I am not required to be at the office I am up at 6:30am. I feed the dogs, feed the children, and create my to-do list for the day. M/T/W/F are reserved for structured weight lifting. Laundry is M/Thur each week. And so it goes, on and on - each week. My children know what to expect and the expectations of them with each block of time. It’s rare to have arguments and melt-downs during transitions (for them and ME!). 

This routine feeds my soul. When it’s off - I’m off. Now- do we need to have flexibility and the skill set to roll with a wrench being thrown into the mix? Of course! But it is the discipline in routine that will free you to achieve the goals you repeatedly set that are not being met.

What components can be included in YOUR routine?

Setting daily goals (to-do items, intentions, etc.), planning for daily events, reading from your favorite book/magazine/newspaper, journaling daily gratefuls, hugging your children/spouse/pets, connecting with your community (friends, online support group), drinking 16oz of water upon waking, physical exercise, eating a delicious breakfast, grounding in nature, cleaning your physical space, meditation, or bible study are all possible elements to your powerful morning routine. 


1. It has to work for YOU or it won’t work. 

2. Identify 2-3 ideas you want to implement and get started. 

3. You may have to “try on” the new routine for a while to see what works and what doesn’t. Keeping track in a journal or on a calendar will help you identify patterns of behavior that indicate if you should continue as planned or if something needs to change. 

4.Notice distractions that keep you from developing a powerful personalized routine. 

What is your morning routine? What components are necessary for you to be successful? Comment below and share! Let’s build this community!