New Year's Resolutions Are Ridiculous

New Year's is fast approaching again. What's that meme? “The 4th of July is over. Time to get your back to school supplies, Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving menu, and Christmas present shopping done now because it's basically 2020- HAPPY NEW YEAR”! 

In all seriousness, half the year is over- how are you doing? Could things be better? Is your half-year progress even a thing you have or would consider?

If you haven't given your 2019 New Year's Resolutions any thought since January, February, or March - you're not alone! Something like only 8% of people have maintained their dedication to following through with their resolutions at this point. It seems silly and ineffective. Why not spend your time more efficiently? Why not actually accomplish something? How about setting yourself up for success this time? 

As humans, we are really good at planning. We are really great at dreaming and fantasizing. Traditionally we love to start working on these plans on the first day of the new year. A nice neat date from which to measure our success.

Where we fall down is when we are asked to make those dreams reality. The DOING. The EXECUTION is our weakness. What is that? Are we really so egoistic that we believe if we can’t do it perfectly and with “success” it isn’t worth doing? Yes. 

The other catch? The nature of the work. It’s HARD. There is a term for it - emotional labor. Presumably, most people (apparently 92% of people) lack frustration tolerance, resilience, and ability to persevere to see the work through. 

Goals are concrete, black and white ideas written down with (hopefully) actionable steps you will need to take to get from point A to point B. Goals are meant to be judged from a critical perspective and our egos are fragile. 

The truth is, we can set resolutions or design a goal any day of the week. You don’t have to wait for a specific day, time, month, or year. You can start right now!  

DOCUMENT everything. I have never met a client who regretted writing down their ideas, SMART Goals, action plan, or personal progress reviews. 

SET INTENTIONS DAILY. Setting the tone with a visualization of success each morning is something that can be added to any morning routine (The Power of Morning Routines). Personally, I like to add a mantra to this step. My current favorite is “Actually, I can!”. 

Learn to RESPOND, not react. Instead of giving those knee-jerk reactions any power, take a minute (maybe 5) before you respond to the latest drama, chaos, disaster, request, or problem. Not everything requires your immediate reaction. Initially it may seem like the right thing to agree to the business partnership - but checking with your legal team a few days later may reveal a conflict that forces you to back out. Reacting to the negative and toxic brings us closer to quitting. Responding to situations feels less rigid, provides flexibility, and allows for forward movement. 

MOVE. DO. Develop an identity around your goal. Want to exercise more? You are more likely to have a long-term commitment with exercise if you integrate an “exercise identity” into who you believe yourself to be. Walk the walk. Imagine yourself as a fit person. Find a group, a support system, accountability-buddies. 

EXECUTE the plan.

Let me know if this seems doable below! Let’s continue to build the community.