My Favorite Reads

Have you ever wondered what the people you most admire(d) have, or are, reading? I’m always doing my best to create a list of books to read (someday!) that inspired, or guided, my mentors or those I label as “experts”.

Personally I have found the books below to play a large role in getting me to where I am today- a successful, self-employed individual, sharing tips and tricks with you! 

Personal Growth and Recovery:

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. Based in Toltec wisdoms, The Four Agreements (Be impeccable with your word, Don't take anything personally, Don't make assumptions, Always do your best) opens the door to a new perspective on self-limiting beliefs that cause us daily suffering. 

I read this book for the first time over a decade ago and it changed EVERYTHING. A young 20-something fresh out of college and no clue all the personal healing that needed to occur to move forward independently from my family of origin - the book was suggested to me by a powerful mentor in my life. The four simple concepts set me free and was the beginning of giving myself permission to no longer be a victim and realize I was a volunteer in my life. 

Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About It by Alan Cohen. A very direct approach to self-help, Cohen identifies issues and concerns but also provides guidance in solving the problem(s). 

A happy-accident second-hand store find years ago, I quickly realized how deep my unhealthy beliefs and behaviors were rooted. Once again, the author seemed to know my life with intimate detail and empowered me to make more meaningful changes in my life. I particularly enjoy this brand of self-help. Cohen’s direct approach speaks to my inner need for black and white. I function at my best when I know where people stand - those who “ride the fence” tend to make me wary. 

Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop. Another direct approach to the world and how he sees it, Mr. Bishop calls you out for not participating in your own life but then empowers you to do something about it. 

I particularly enjoyed listening to this book on Audible. Hearing the author’s Scottish accent really seemed to drive home the idea that we are not alone in this particular way of thinking and behaving. Struggles and suffering do not discriminate and we are all in this together. 

Trapped in the Mirror by Elan Golomb. A self-healing book directed at adult children of narcissists, this book explores why we feel like we don’t have a right to exist. 

I spent more than half my life depressed. Never fully understanding why- I was able to diagnose my parents as a gift from my therapist at the time. I was going through my master’s program for Mental Health Counseling and had started to really put the pieces together. Trapped in the Mirror was pivotal in my healing from the past - allowing me to move forward and break free from the anchors that kept me stuck, spinning out over circumstances I could not control or change. 

Recovery from Addictions: 

Food Junkies by Vera Tarman. Aimed at addressing recovery from food addiction, this book helped me to understand why I was still stuck on the same merry-go-round of overeating, weight gain/loss, and overall inability to move forward and give up the ghost. 

Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions by Russell Brand. Again, a sharp-witted approach to recovery from anything (work, relationships, sugar, sex, etc.), the reader is asked to give an honest response to what their addiction (behavior) is protecting them from. 

So there it is in a nutshell. Having read many, MANY books in my life - these are the ones that seem to stand out. The ones that I go back to, and recommend, to clients in my therapy practice. I know you want to move forward. I know you want to heal and be free of the pain that is in your past and be successful - to show anyone who said you couldn’t, that you CAN. I know you will. If you need a little inspiration- I have created a download of Exquisite Thoughts to print and keep as many places as you need!

If your interested in learning more about overcoming your past, you may be interested in reading We All Have Baggage.

As always- please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns, or if you are looking for feedback or suggestions.