What is coaching? 

  • Coaching is a structured process that uses motivational interviewing techniques to guide clients to discover and achieve their ideal job, home life, relationships, health goal, etc. Coaches work with clients to organize thoughts, strategizing a plan, collaborate on problem-solving, and hold clients accountable. 

How does it work?

  • Clients are welcome to utilize individual (1-on1) services or may sign up for group courses! 

How can coaching help me?

  • Chances are you are a self-motivated individual! That being said, motivation only gets us so far. To achieve our dreams we need consistency and discipline. Sometimes this means outside accountability. Coaching is a great platform for goal attainment because it can help you stay focused, address problem behavior, and move you toward the vision you have for your life. 

Why do people hire coaches? 

  • Not every problem requires therapy. Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and obstacles can be done in a time-limited space with proven techniques and tools without the hassle of getting insurance approval or an official recommendation. 

Can't I coach myself?

  • Absolutely! But think about this- how many doctors, nurses, counselors, chiropractors, hair-dressers, etc. perform services on themselves? It can be done, but may not be as effective as a neutral 3rd party's input and guidance. 

How do I know of coaching is for me?

  • First- you're here, researching...which means you are curious and self-motivated. If you have read this far, chances are you feel you need help with accountability. If you are looking to discover and move forward into your future life- coaching is for you! 

Does it mean I'm inadequate if I hire a coach?

  • NO! Clients who make the decision to move forward working with a coach are making a decision to succeed. That sounds pretty amazing to me!

Is coaching expensive?

  • There is no scooting around this issue. Coaching is a personal investment in yourself and your future. Insurance companies do not reimburse providers for services. When we view cost by service hour provided, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Think instead of the program you are investing in at your own benefit. How many drive-thru coffees, manicures/pedicures, massages, etc. are you willing to forgo temporarily for the lifelong benefit that coaching provides? 

How much time will it take? 

  • On average, my clients have completed their goals within 8 weeks of starting their work. Highly motivated individuals may need less time, others more. You can also invest in a group course which absorbs some of the cost and offers accountability from group members too!

How long are coaching session?

  • Discovery sessions (the 1st meeting we have) is booked in 2-hour blocks to ensure you are not rushed. Subsequent sessions are scheduled in 60-minute blocks. It's your time! The sessions are for you- and you can use the time as you wish. 10-minute check-in calls are also encouraged.