I am a dual-licensed (Mental Health and Addiction) counselor in Bozeman, MT and have been in working in this field since 2005.

Years of working on the local crisis/suicide hotline, responding to sexual assault victims at the emergency room, providing follow-up therapy and services to survivors of sexual assault, and spending over a decade working with individuals being supervised by the Department of Corrections has all led up to the newest chapter of my story.  

In August 2019 I was certified as a Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute and I will begin training in Food Addiction Certification in September 2019.

So, what does all that mean?? As a life-long helper, I believe that YOU are the expert in you. I am not in the business of giving advice or telling someone how to run their life. I don’t look at clients as broken individuals, but rather help clients ask “What’s working?” vs. “What’s wrong?”.

You can find me via my Contact page and on Acuity!